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J. P. Rameau – Pigmalion

October 23rd/24th, 30th/31st and November 6th/7th, 2015  – 21.15 pm – PORTA THEATRE

Rafi Music Theatre Company is an Athens-based opera group  that concetrates mainly to small-scale opera productions. Most of its repertoire was presented to the Greek audiences for the first time.

Direction: Paris Mexis

Music direction; orchestration: Michael Papapetrou

Choreography: Ioanna Apostolou

Lighting: George Tellos

Costumes: Paul Thanopoulos

Assistant director: Economou-Vamvaka Eve

Photos: Patroklos troughs


Anastasia cobs (Amour)

Leto Messini (Statue)

Maira Milolidaki (Cephise)

Dimitris Nalbantis (Pigmalion)

Participates Economou Eva-Vamvaka


Guido De Flaviis / Spyros Rontogiannis (soprano saxophone)

Stella Tsani (violin)

Antonis Hatzinikolaou (jazz guitar)

George Arnis (double bass)

Michael Papapetrou (piano)

For more info please visit PORTA THEATRE

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